PDA Milestones

1903 January 10, Act 593, The First Dental Law; the act regulating the practice of dentistry is promulgated.

1907 Dr. Gregorio Ruiz Mateo, “Father of Philippine Dentistry” the second Filipino dentist to finish DDS in the U.S. is acknowledged. He is the precursor of modern dentistry in the Philippines.

1908 Founding Sociedad Dental de Filipina was founded with Dr. Bonifacio Arevalo as its charter president; the founding year of PDA.

1924-27 The National Dental Association of the Philippines was founded with Dr. Francisco Tecson as its president.

1931 October 25, Pampanga Dental Association was formed through the initiatives of Drs. Claro Ayuyao, Alfredo Nacu, Sr., Honoracio Luciano and Tomas L. Yuzon, making Pampanga as the oldest chapter affiliate of the PDA.

1945 Unification of two National Association of Dentists- SOCIEDAD DENTAL DE FILIPINAS led by Dr. Ermelo Vergel De Dios and Dr. Joaquin C. Ladao, Sr., NATIONAL DENTAL ASSOCIATION to form the PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION with Dr. Joaquin C. Ladao, Sr., as its first president.

1949 June 18, RA 417 “The Act to Regulate the Practice of Dentistry in the Philippines” was signed into law by Pres. E. Quirino. This was introduced by Cong. Dr. Ricardo Y. Ladrido from Iloilo.

1958 March, The first international meeting held in the Philippines was the “Second Asian Dental Congress” hosted by PDA led by Dr. Agustin L. Zarate, Dr. Dominador G. Santos, Sr., PDA President.

1961 The House of Delegates, the law making body of the association was organized with Dr. Dominador G. Santos, Sr., as its first speaker. The HOD is a collegial body composed of delegates from chapter and affiliate societies.

The first female PDA president was elected; Dr. Luz C. Macapanpan

1962 June 19, 1965, R.A. 4419 “THE PHILIPPINE DENTAL ACT OF 1965” was passed during the term of President Diosdado Macapagal, Council on Dental Education and the Council for the Advancement of Dental Research.

1980 Dr. Eselita Olivas, PDA President, acquired the current PDA Building in Makati. The HOD through speaker Dr. Amador Veloria created the COUNCIL OF PAST PRESIDENTS, the judicial body of the PDA to settle internal disputes.

1981-1982 Dr. Renato M. Sison became the youngest PDA elected at age 33.

1986 PDA hosted the 74th Annual Dental World Congress of Federation Dentaire International at PICC Manila. Dr. Primo Gonzales as the overall chair, Dr. Manuel Garcia as its PDA president.

1992-93 Dr. Hermogenes “Boy” Villareal the president spearheaded first PDA-UNILAB scientific now the much sought PDA-Dolfenal scientific and management symposium; PDA acquired its own printing press.

PDA and Philippine Medical Association (PMA) headed by Dr. Chua forged a sisterhood agreement. PDA put up its own library and archives with Dr. Flor Enriquez as its first librarian.

PDA House of Delegates led by speaker Dr. Rodolfo Lope held its plenary session outside Metro Manila that generated full attendance by the delegates in Tagaytay City.

1994 TheAsian Pacific Dental Congress (APDC) was held in Metro Manila, Dr. Ruben Navia as Chair and Dr. Virata as PDA President.

1995 Through speaker Dr. Emiliano D. Yumang, the PDA membership dues was pegged from Php200 to Php300 during the House of Delegates meeting held at Ecotech Cebu City.

1996 The PDA HOD, through Speaker Libertad Nena C. Nolido, a manual “Standard Operating Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines” known as the “Most Outstanding Professional Organization” by PRC under the presidency of Dr. Jesus Tumaneng.

1998 PDA President Dr. Romeo Kamantigue bought a condominium unit at Metropolitan Tower in Makati as extension office and shelter for transient members; November 29, PDA constitution amended becoming PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION, INC. SEC Registration No. A1998806893
1999 PDA HOD published “Parliamentary Procedures, Manual with Dr. Luis D. Uy as Speaker, December and through trustee Dr. Flor Enriquez, requested the Dept. of Finance Secretary Edgardo B. Espiritu exempting dentists from paying Mayor’s Permit and Business Tax. The new PDA Election Code has been drafted led by Dr. Amado Veloira.

2000 PDA Election code of 2000 submitted for implementation under Dr. Lucia G. Honrado as speaker of the HOD. PDA President Dr. Renato M. Sison initiated the acquisition of 500sqm-lot in Taguig from BCDA for ORAL HEALTH CENTER of PDA thru Trustee Dr. Robbie Montellano.

2001 The 1998 amended PDA constitution and By Laws was enforced, PDA launched its first website: www.pda.org.ph; Globalization of Dental Practice initiated by PDA President Dr. Armyl Bañez.

2002 Dr. Luis D. Uy became the first Mindanaoan dentist (CDO) to be PDA President; Computers given to qualified dental chapters; PDA HYMN to be sung in all PDA official functions.

2003 The 25th APDC Conference was held in Manila with Chair Dr. Diampo Lim. This coincided with the PDA’s 95th Annual Convention with PDA President Arsenio Donesa. Dental Health Week to become Dental Health Month.

2004 Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) lot acquired for PDA use thru Dr. Robbie Montellano, former BCDA Director; Trustee Dr. Manny Dimanlig initiated the production of CAPOG’s (Chapter and Affiliated President Operative Guidebook) as president’s tool in their reignof service.

2005 The first NATIONAL DENTAL MONTH was celebrated. Realization of PDA’s dream to put up an Oral Health and Research Center and Indigency Clinic Building in Taguig where seed money of 1M was donated by Colgate-Palmolive, Inc.

2006 Dr. Mario Esquillo, PDA and Taiwan Dental Association sisterhood agreement; once again, PDA received the award for “Most Outstanding Professional Organization” by PRC against 42 APO among others.

2007 “Philippine Act of 2007” (SB 2581 & HB 4848) thru Senator Panfilo Lacson

2008 PDA celebrates “CENTENNIAL YEAR”.

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